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about us

iheart on the Hill is a partnership with iheart Coffee Roasters, an international coffee company owned and operated by missionaries Tony and Jamie Sebastian. iheart Coffee Roasters offers coffee beans from all over the world, supporting fair trade and ethical sourcing. In distant countries such as Cyprus and India, heart Coffee Roasters has established a mission and vision of excellence in quality coffee and guest experience. Now, iheart on the Hill brings the same mission of excellence to Camp Hill, PA. 

our mission 

In all locations, iheart is about great coffee, but more importantly,we are about people. Our vision at iheart on the Hill is to provide all of our customers with a great experience and great coffee, while creating an atmosphere of authentic community that supports missions work locally and worldwide. We pray that our space will be an environment that fosters connection and opens doors for deep spiritual conversations, joining us together in pursuit of sharing the love of Jesus with all mankind.